I would like to thank Mrs. Cimoch and students in Peer Leaders and SADD that sponsored Health Topics week.  Guest speakers came to our school and spoke to Health classes along with students reading announcements as well as distributing information throughout the week. The topics that were discussed are very important for our students to participate in. 

I would like to thank the many parents that attended the production of Rent this past weekend.  The students worked very hard to put to on this show. Also, thank you to Mr. Trombley and Mrs. Rossiter for their efforts with the Rent productions.


Thank you to Mrs. Lachapelle and Mrs. R. Bailey for their leadership in working with students to sponsor the special events during this week. 

This week Student Council is sponsoring Acts of Kindness Week. Students are encouraged to take part in the various activities that are taking place throughout the week. The days are as follows:

Motivational Monday

Sweet Tweet Tuesday

Share a Smile Wednesday

“What's my name” Thursday

Friendly Friday

Also, there will be an Acts of Kindness tree up in the commons at the beginning of the week. Throughout the week, students can take a leaf and write an act of kindness on it and put it on the tree. The goal by the end of the week is to have a full tree of acts of kindness from the student body.

In addition, each student has written a six-word memoir in which they described an aspect of themselves in six words. Some of them are extremely funny while others have a more serious demeanor. Each is unique to the individual who wrote it and reveals how we need to be more mindful of what we say and do because we don’t truly know everyone. The goal is for students to be more aware of the power of kindness in a school community. These have been hung throughout the commons for all to see and will remain there for the entirety of the week.

Help create a positive atmosphere at school and participate in Acts of Kindness Week!

Grade Reporting

All grades for third quarter will be finalized by Tuesday of this week. A reminder for seniors that the fourth quarter is shorter than the first three quarters, therefore all of their work must be completed in a shorter timeframe. 


All students will be asked to take a school survey during advisory on Tuesday. This survey was developed by our GHS School Council which is made up of faculty, staff, students and parents. 

Best Buddies Prom

The third annual "Best Buddies Prom" was a great success. On Friday April 4, over thirty members of the Grafton HS Best Buddies attended a prom hosted by Oxford HS Best Buddies. This was a great event and a true example of kindness and friendship.


Lexie Dauphianis, Caitlyn O'Malley, Deb Picard, Shawn Sheehan, Kelsey Colorio, Melissa Funk, Austin Lewin, Nathaniel Lewin, Kristin Turgeon, Kyle Griffin, Brendan Griffin, Brian Forbes, Taylor Dee, Joe Mercurio, Jacqui Manning, Amber Perrault, Elizabeth Bartosiewicz, Yvonne Dietz, Katie Mason, Molly Dewar, Keegan Ohene, Matt Auger, Julia Noblett, Hazel Wood, Alana O'Neil, Gab Tucker, and Donovan Cargill

NHS Elections -2014-2015 School Year
The Executive Board for the 2014-2015 year is as follows,

President: Aoife Croucher
Co-Vice Presidents: Austin Bailey & Julia Bonner
Secretary: Jacqueline Vittum
Treasurer: Sydney Davis
Service Chairs: Mary Teresa Cuzzupe & Megan Treu
School Store Chairs: Meghann MacDonald & Taylor Theroux
STARS Chairs: Kaitlyn Chance & Hanna Weaver
Tutoring Chairs: Sean Cloran & Katherine Marlette
Fundraising Chair: Katherine Shannon
Induction Chair: Brian Brennan
Homecoming Chair: Abigail Sheridan
Charity Chair: Eric Webster

Congratulations to all of the students!


The following events have either a number of students attending a trip or there is a special message for that specific week.

Monday, April 14th- Sophomores (U.S. History I classes) attending Freedom Trail Field Trip to Boston

Friday, April 18th- School Activity Video shown during last block (a revised bell schedule will be emailed to everyone)

Monday, April 28th-Friday, May 2nd- Safety Week sponsored by SADD

Thursday, May 1st- School-wide Safety Assembly (Time TBD)

Friday, May 2nd- College Fair Field Trip for Juniors

Monday, May 5th- Friday, May 9th- Faculty/Staff Appreciation Week

Thursday, May 8th & Friday, May 9th- Music Department Trip to Virginia Beach

Wednesday, May 21st- Juniors (U.S. History II classes) visiting Vietnam Memorial


Monday, April 14th- Day 2 (2-5-6-7-1)

12:30p.m. - Principal’s Coffee

Tuesday, April 15th- Day 3 (3-4-5-6-7)

Advisory- All Students will take school survey

Wednesday, April 16th- Day 4 (4-6-7-1-2)

Thursday, April 17th- Day 5 (5-1-2-3-4)

Seniors speaking at graduation/Senior awards night will meet in the main office conference during advisory

Friday, April 18th- Day 6 (6-7-1-2-3)

School-wide video during last period 

Monday, April 21st- Friday, April 25th- Spring Vacation

Monday, April 28th- Day 7 (7-3-4-5-6)

Safety Week activities begin

Tuesday, April 29th- Day 1 (1-2-3-4-5)

Seniors singing at graduation will practice during advisory

Wednesday, April 30th- Day 2 (2-5-6-7-1)All students will be asked to participate in a survey sponsored by the Central Mass Health Department.  The survey will be completed during period 5 (2nd block of the day) A letter will be sent home to parents with an explanation of the survey as well as an opt out provision if they do not wish their child to take the survey. 

Thursday, May 1st- Day 3 (3-4-5-6-7)

Safety Assembly in Auditorium for all students

6:30p.m. - Every Day Hero Awards Ceremony

Friday, May 2nd- Day 4 (4-6-7-1-2)

Saturday, May 3rd – Junior/Senior Prom at DCU -7:00p.m.

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