Dear Grafton High School Community:

We are very excited to welcome our 9th graders to school on Tuesday and all of our students on Wednesday! Last week, I shared with you a copy of the schedule for the first two days and this week we will focus on some general expectations we have at the school. 


All students will attend a meeting with administration during the first two days of school. At this meeting, we will focus on the some of the basic expectations that we have for students. All of the rules and regulations can be found online in the parent/student handbook. However, we will emphasize that all of our rules, etc work off a basic understanding of respect. Students respecting themselves, respecting others and respecting property. We will also focus on how our students can be active participants in our school. One of the strengths of our school is the tremendous amount of school spirit that is shown by many students and we hope that every student finds something positive at our school that they can be involved in. 


We also welcome all of our new parents to GHS along with parents that have been at our school in previous years. We want to invite you to attend as many events as possible at GHS. One of the first major events at our school will be the Open House on September 16th. We look forward to seeing you that evening. 


This year, we are fortunate to have Kristen Gasper as part of our staff. She was the middle school principal and now is the Curriculum coordinator for grades 7-12 as well as the 9th grade administrator. Jon Kelly, Assistant Principal will work primarily with students in grades 10 & 11 and I will work with students in grade 12. 


Please contact us at any point if you have a question or concern. 




We are focused this year to connect our advisory lesson to a school activity. We hope that these lessons and the connection to positive school events will open up discussions between students as well as staff.


The first school-wide lesson will be on September 24th after the Recognition Assembly. The focus will be on charities and giving back to the community. We will have representatives from local groups that we traditionally work with in terms of donating funds or food to them.


The Guidance Counselors will meet with each class by grade/alpha during the week of September 15th. (Grade 12-9/15, Grade 11-9/16, Grade 10-9/17, Grade 9-9/18) A specific focus/topic will be covered with each grade.



Students will receive these forms in their advisory classroom either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

1. Transportation Form

2. Student Handbook form

3. Over the counter medication release form for Nurse



The warning bell rings at 7:20a.m. and the school day begins at 7:25a.m. All students must be inside their first block class at this time. Additionally, any student that drives a vehicle to school must have it registered with the main office. A fee of $200 plus a copy of their license and registration must be on file.


WELCOME BACK RALLYFRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th Faculty, Staff and Students are asked to wear Grafton Colors (Green and White) to show your school spirit!!!

On Friday, Student Council members are hosting a Back to School Rally in the gym. We will dismiss students to the gym by classroom and not by grades. The schedule on Friday, September 12th is as follows:

Period 1- 7:25a.m. -8:25a.m.

Period 2- 8:29a.m. -9:29a.m.

Period 3- 9:33a.m. -10:33a.m.

Period 4- 1st Lunch- 10:33a.m. -10:57a.m.

                  2nd Lunch-11:07a.m.-11:31a.m.

                  3rd Lunch-11: 41a.m.-12:04p.m.

Period 5- 12:08p.m. -1:08p.m.

Begin dismissal to gym at 1:08p.m. and students will dismissed from school after the completion of the rally.


OPEN HOUSE FORMAT- Tuesday, September 16th at 6:30p.m.

A reminder that our Open House format will consist of parents following their child’s schedule. Each period will last 10 minutes with the exception of 1st period, which will last 20 minutes. All parents must have a copy of their child’s schedule. Students from the Class of 2015 will act as guides to help parents with directions to classrooms.


Period 1- 6:30p.m. -6:50pm.

Period 2- 6:54p.m. -7:04p.m.

Period 3- 7:08p.m. -7:18p.m.

Period 4- 7:22p.m. -7:32p.m.

Period 5- 7:36p.m. -7:46p.m.

Period 6- 7:50p.m. -8:00p.m.

Period 7- 8:04p.m. -8:14p.m.



A meeting for athletes and at least one parent regarding the chemical health rule will be held on Thursday, September 4th at 6:00p.m. in the auditorium.  

All coaches will be in attendance to answer questions from parents after the meeting.  


Weekly Schedule

Tuesday, September 2nd- 9th graders only


Wednesday, September 3rd- Day 1 (1-2-3-4-5)

Thursday, September 4th- Day 2 (2-5-6-7-1)


Friday, September 5th- Day 3 (3-4-5-6-7)


Monday, September 8th- Day 4 (4-6-7-1-2)


Tuesday, September 9th- Day 5 (5-1-2-3-4)- Student and Faculty/Staff Pictures in auditorium-Casson-Foster


8:00a.m. -we will begin to have students come down to the auditorium for pictures. They will be called down by grade and in groups by last name (ex. A-C)


Wednesday, September 10th- Day 6 (6-7-1-2-3)

6:00p.m.- School Council Meeting in library


Thursday, September 11th- Day 7 (7-3-4-5-6)- Patriot Day

**We will spend a few minutes at the beginning of the day to remember the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.


Friday, September 12th- Day 1 (1-2-3-4-5)

1:00p.m.- Welcome Back Rally in Gym sponsored by Student Council


Monday, September 15th- Day 2 (2-5-6-7-1)

8:00a.m.-Principal’s Coffee

Extended Block-Guidance Meeting


Tuesday, September 16th- Day 3 (3-4-5-6-7)

Extended Block-Guidance Meeting

6:30p.m.- Open House


Wednesday, September 17th-Day 4 (4-6-7-1-2)

Extended Block-Guidance Meeting


Thursday, September 18th- Day 5 (5-1-2-3-4)

Extended Block-Guidance Meeting


Friday, September 19th- Day 6 (6-7-1-2-3)

New Student Breakfast sponsored by Peer Leaders


Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 24th- Recognition Assembly with Advisory Lesson to follow


Saturday, September 27th- Student Council Leadership Conference at GHS

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