Students will take their final exams beginning on Wednesday. Please review the information in this email regarding final exams and contact the specific teacher and/or the guidance office if you have any questions.


Class Officer Elections -2014-2015 School Year

Congratulations to ALL of the students that took the time and effort to run for a class officer position. The students listed below were elected by their peers.

Class of 2015

President-Megan Treu

Vice-President-Meaghan Sawtelle

Secretary-Izzy Edwards

Treasurer-Brian Brennan

Class of 2016

President-Mohit Katyal

Vice-President-Tim Gilgallon

Secretary-Isabelle Kiritsy

Treasurer-Lindsey Sawtelle

Class of 2017

President-Samantha Mahan

Vice-Presdent-Xavier Toledo

Secretary-Erica St. Jean

Treasurer-Delaney Burke


Softball Team

Congratulations to the softball team for their outstanding season and their efforts in the state championship game on Saturday. Although, the team did not win the game, their hard work, dedication and sportsmanship was outstanding!!

Grade 9-11 Final Exam Schedule

Wednesday, June 18th- Day 1-2-3-4- Period 5 (Final Exam)

The schedule will be adjusted to add in a 15-minute break, eliminate advisory for the day and have a 90-minute exam. Therefore, on this day, 3rd lunch will end at 12:10p.m. and a 15-minute break would follow. This would give us the opportunity to dismiss those students exempt from their period 5 exam. The exam would begin at 12:25p.m. and end at 1:55p.m.


Period 1- 7:25a.m. - 8:25a.m.

Period 2- 8:29a.m. - 9:29a.m.

Period 3- 9:33a.m. - 10:33a.m.

Lunch Block- Period 4

1st Lunch- 10:33a.m. -10:57a.m.

2nd Lunch-11: 10a.m.-11:34a.m.

3rd Lunch-11: 44a.m.-12:08p.m.

Break- 12:08p.m. -12:25p.m.

Period 5 Exam- 12:25p.m. -1:55p.m.

Thursday, June 19th- Period 4 & 6 Exams-Dismissal at 10:45a.m.

Friday, June 20th- Period 2 & 3 Exams-Dismissal at 10:45a.m.

Monday, June 23rd- Period 1 & 7 Exams-Dismissal at 10:45a.m.

*Bus Transportation will be available for high school students during exam week

8th Grade Tours

The 8th graders will tour our school on Thursday afternoon beginning at 1:00p.m. Members of the junior class will conduct the tours.


Lost & Found Items

All lost and found items not claimed from the bin or the Main Office by Friday, June 20th will be donated to charity. We have clothes, sneakers, bracelets, rings and glasses. Additionally, all student lockers in the school including the physical education lockers must be cleaned out by Wednesday, June 18th.

Daily Schedule

Monday, June 16th- Day 6 (6-7-1-2-3)

Advisory- Class of 2015 meeting in auditorium

Tuesday, June 17th- Day 7 (7-3-4-5-6)

6:00p.m.- School Council Meeting

Wednesday, June 18th- Day 1- (1-2-3-4- Period 5 Exam)

Thursday, June 19th- Period 4 & 6 Exams

Friday, June 20th- Period 2 & 3 Exams

Monday, June 23rd- Period 1 & 7 Exams

Tuesday, June 24th- ½ Day for students/ Dismissal at 10:20a.m.

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